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Improve the nutrition and living situation of people in Ethiopia for sustainable fight of poverty through afforestation and water harvesting, in close collaboration with farmer and women associations.

This is the main objective of Foundation Green Ethiopia. But it is not about delivering aid, instead it is about support for self-development, starting with afforestation and ending with people being empowered to sustainably improve their living situation themselves.626f265d52Projects1_en

The objective of the foundation is to fight erosion and its dramatic consequences through afforestation, and supporting the Ethiopian agriculture and forestry for re-gaining food security.


To improve the nutrition and living situation of the people in our project areas, we focus on the following 3 projects:


Afforestation of forests as long-term source for wood and water and to ensure fertile agricultural land for improving the nutrition situation.

Subsistence farmers, women, and donkeys

Support for self-development to poor farmer families, including support to women associations. In addition, donating donkeys to women-headed households (as humanitarian aid).

School projects

Education for youth regarding value and purpose of trees, in theory and practical application.



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